About Us

Shift Advantage utilizes corporate responsibility and sustainability expertise to empower organizations to meet new market demands, reduce costs, create competitive advantage, and foster long-term growth.

We have proven success in designing and implementing a wide range of strategies and initiatives for corporations, non-profits, and industry groups. By understanding the unique needs of each client, Shift Advantage delivers the best solutions for the best value.

Our Team

Shift Advantage brings together industry professionals from diverse backgrounds to meet our clients’ needs.

Our team’s depth of expertise and strong ties with thought leaders enables Shift Advantage to take on complex projects that are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Eric Brody

Founder & Principal

With over fifteen years experience working with large corporations, small start-ups, and non-profits Eric has proven that, with creativity and leadership, doing the right thing for the environment and society can provide a competitive advantage.

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Krissy Lee Brunner

Krissy manages employee engagement initiatives, such as business simulations, to ensure organizations achieve their sustainability goals. She also conducts carbon audits (GHG Reports) and implements communication and marketing strategies.

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Motthida Chin, Ed.M.

Motthida Chin has over 15 years of experience in international development and facilitation of global Corporate Responsibility (CR) programs in the profit and non-profit sectors.  Motthida has been instrumental in setting-up programs for Nike, Inc., Columbia Sportswear Company, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Better Factories program.

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David Guernsey

With over 22 years of experience driving sustainability at UPS and in consulting engagements David’s intimate experiences bring insights to the formulation of  sustainability programs that make good businesses achieve a better business platform.

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Erin Hinton

Erin specializes in data collection and analysis, transforming complex datasets into informative and actionable reports and presentations. Her skillset includes managing multifaceted projects, engaging and collaborating with stakeholders, and creating informative and productive events. Erin earned her MBA in Sustainable Business Development in 2011.

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Emily Knudsen

Emily develops sustainability reports and manages employee engagement and communications efforts for organizations of various sizes and types. She holds certificates in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting and Environmental Law & Regulation.

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Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson brings over 35 years of business team leadership, facilitation, and training experience to the team. Dave loves the opportunity to engage people, facilitate learning, and work on sustainability issues, so this may just be the greatest job in the world for him.

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Annalisa Peterson

Annalisa creates goal-oriented strategies and programs that results in positive outcomes for corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. Annalisa’s ability to design and implement best practices, her interpersonal skills, and big picture thinking provides the right mix of skills and talents to take initiatives to the next level.

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Danny Tremblay

Danny Tremblay has five years experience in environmental science, social equity, and sustainable business. Danny has worked with clients on eco-indexes and scorecards, stakeholder engagement, business simulations, product restricted substance programs, and regulatory compliance.

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Justin Yuen

Justin and his FMYI team is Shift Advantage’s strategic partner for online collaboration solutions (project management, stakeholder tracking, CSR report workflow, and more). FMYI is a social collaboration software corporation with a commitment to sustainability.

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